"Josie's Gift"      
"Turquoise Burst"      25.5"h x 25.5"w


"Fiesta"      29.5"h x 38.5"w

"Red Glimpse"

"Remnants"      49"h x 24"w

"Topiary Scion"      76"h x 37"w

"Through the Crosshairs"      32"h x 26"w
"Dancing with the Plankton"      38"h x 26"w
"Flow"         39"h x 35.5"w
"Below the Surface"      24"h x 36"w
"Tree at Sunset"      38"h x 26"w


in Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery

"Harvest Moon"
"Turtle"      14" x 14"
"Disequilibrium"      37" x 37"
"No No Ojo"      34"h x 32"w
"Fiesta Close Up"

"Aquatic Rust"

"Carousel"      33" x 33"

Heading 2

"Angels"      25"w x 18"w

"Predecessor"      34.5"h x 25"w


"Alchemy"      31.25"h x 21.25"w

"Red Nebula"      39"h x 36"w

"Floating"      36"h x 50.5"w

"Starfish"      37" x 37"