Rosanne Giacomini

Artist Statement

I create art because it represents who I am.  Art is my passion, it is my calling, and it is my unique, uninhibited form of free expression.  

I work with a wide range of materials to create one of a kind Contemporary Fiber Art Paintings, including but not limited to:

  • Recycled, hand dyed and new fabrics of sumptuous silks, brilliant batiks, earthy textiles and wool

  • Various threads and string, including cotton, rayon and metallic

  • Metal, wire, beads, glass, paints and markers

Various combinations of these materials are assembled to transform what I imagine into reality.  I use both hand and machine sewing processes.  Rather than modern computerized sewing machine, I prefer to use New Home and Necchi sewing machines from my vintage sewing machine collection.  i create unique fabrics through a variety of techniques, including a rust transfer and hand dyeing process.

The process begins by selecting a primary fabric to create the palette.  Additional coordinating fabrics are cut into various shapes and sizes and positioned around a focal point.  Similar to putting together a puzzle, I arrange the parts piece by piece, and then sew them into place.  Each finished fiber art painting is one of a kind.  


I hope you enjoy what you see here.  Please contact me with any questions or requests.  I'd be happy to hear from you.  

When I'm completely absorbed in my work, when time escapes me, when the flow happens, that's when i know I'm doing what I was meant to do.

Rosanne Giacomini