Rosanne Giacomini

Rosanne’s interest in nature has always been a compelling inspiration.  She likes to use found objects as themes for her work. She works with many types of fabrics, threads and fibers.  New and recycled fabrics of sumptuous silks, brilliant batiks, earthy wovens and wool, leather, colorful threads of rayon, cotton and metal, beads, wire, paints, markers and dyes - all combine to bring her imagination to life.  It would not be a surprise for her to include pieces of fabric from – even her husband’s shirt!  She uses a variety of techniques which vary for each of her one of a kind pieces.  For machine sewing, she prefers using a sewing machine from her collection of vintage New Home and Necchi machines rather than a more modern computerized machine.  She includes hand sewing in her pieces, as well.  To add definition or to enhance color and shading, she may use paints, makers or dyes.  Although she may begin a piece by sketching, the real “magic” happens when her cutting, sewing and embellishing are guided purely by instinct.  Her pieces are assembled piece by piece; almost like putting together a puzzle.

Rosanne has lived in Las Vegas since 2005.  She enjoyed time spent in New Mexico, where she became involved with the art community there.  She was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  As a little girl, she watched her Nana (Italian grandmother), who sewed in a factory for a living; sew on her Singer treadle sewing machine.  The machine intrigued her and was Rosanne’s initial inspiration to sew.  Rosanne’s mother showed her how to sew “Barbie” clothes.  As an adolescent, she designed and sewed her own clothing.  She’s been sewing ever since.  While attending Brookfield East High School, in Wisconsin, she spent as much time as possible in art classes.  She studied ceramics; particularly raku, fiber art, wood working and jewelry.   Marc Sijon, her ceramics teacher, who is currently the number one ranked ”Hyper Realistic Sculpture” artist in the world, was especially instrumental in Rosanne’s motivation to become an artist.